Software ideas and no poker today!

After work, I joined some workmates for a late lunch/early dinner and a pint. I only stayed for 2hours and had 2 beers. Then the guys went to the casino to play a tournament. I didn’t join them as I don’t like tournaments (specially the daily live ones!) and also because I drunk beer.
I know, it was only two drinks and I wasn’t drunk at all but I simply I can’t play poker when I have a drink. I am in a more relaxing mode and I make mistakes!
I have experimented with that a couple of times and it’s not profitable for me to play when I drink. I play homegames with friends but never for serious money.
Poker is about discipline after all and being able to identify your “leaks” and prevent them from happening is very important.

Visit Las Vegas
So no poker for me today :( As I am not drunk I feel a bit guilty for wasting the few precious spare hours that I got. I don’t mean, not going out with friends and enjoying life. Given that I only got 4 days till my next coaching session, I shouldn’t have skipped one of them. Next time, only drinking J2O strictly!!
Confession: Back in my head I was thinking to skip today from online grind and go to the casino for some live action. Mondays, are really good and busy days in my local casino. But, NO.

As I have done my review for the past sessions, watched the new poker videos from the people I follow and made all my graphs there’s not much to do. I was checking some new poker software though that I am thinking to buy anytime soon.
First one I am thinking to buy is Note Caddy. From the HEM website, it seems that it creates a lot of useful notes but I guess you will need to have a large number of hands on the villain to make profitable decisions.

No luck just skill
The other one, I might buy is Flopzilla. It looks good with a lot of interesting things about ranges. Villain’s range is an endless topic for discussion and having stats on how often he hits a certain combo of his range makes Flopzilla a software I definitely need to have.

Both software cost $60 + $35 respectively. I am not thinking about the cost but more of how much useful these tools are in the low stakes as 25NL. I already overanalyse some spots and overthinking that I am worried that I will do more often if I have a software to confirm for me that villain does this or that.

I am still debating what to do. Is any of you using them or started using them while playing my stakes? I am really looking for some feedback on that topic. :)

PS. Any thoughts on table scanner?

gl at the tables ;)

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