How to save your poker skills after physical exhaustion

Hello everyone,

It’s been a rough week. I didn’t have enough time to grind online (only had short sessions) as I was working on a project from work. On Thursday evening I managed to finish the project I was working on and also had very positive feedback (which is great). I came home and I was only thinking to start grinding to make up the volume I missed.

Rest week in casino
I turned on the computer and after a 5mins stare at the screen I realised how tired I was. I thought I would be fresh the next day but I wasn’t. I was also planning to go play a live tournament and cash during the weekend but I couldn’t leave home. I was exhausted.

On my previous post I was moaning a little that I can’t find enough decent games at the regular tables.
Adding the lack of volume, me being tired and not playing my A game I had a losing weekend. I was a mess, playing random tables, not thinking about poker but just clicking buttons. I had some moments of “clearance” and made some correct plays but overall I am not happy of my game during these days. On top of that HEM said that they fixed the hud problem with zoom poker but this didn’t applied on my computer. Lol

I spoke with the coach and he told me not to worry about the regular tables and that we will start working on zoom from now on, which is more fun. So I decided to drop down and play 10nl zoom as hud still doesn’t work. This would only be until my next coaching session. I am going to have to prepare and adjust my ranges for our next session too. I also emailed Hem support with my problem but their reply wasn’t so helpful simply because they only told me to open hem first and then stars.

Great poker hand
10NL zoom has been great so far, played without hud but it’s 10nl, it’s not that hard. I can easily add more volume, I save a lot of time not having to table select and also I feel people are more “creative” there ;)

So today, I opened stars to complete the summer mission. Have you seen the summer missions? I really love them. I have already cashed in one of the all in shootouts. I was reading a blog post and 1 tabling at 10nl zoom in order to win 3 hands at showdown. I wasn’t really paying attention until I checked if I had completed the mission and I saw the hud stats at the zoom table!!

This instantly made my day. I was really really happy about that. How great is that? I can grind again!! I feel so motivated! I can’t believe this mood change in only 2 days. I have already start playing a decent amount of hands and I am pleased with the win rate/performance so far.I will finish my studying in ranges for zoom and play as much as possible.

Also, EPT Barcelona just started and we will be able to watch some really good poker from the live stream at pokerstars tv.
Speaking of good poker I want to share with you one of my favourite videos. It is from the Big Game with Dani Stern vs Phil Hellmuth.
I like all the lines that Dani Stern took in the hands and I believe he has played some really good poker there, taking full advantage of the situations. Sometimes I watch it as a warm up before a grinding session.

I have so many things to do / follow up, all of them poker related but I am looking forward. I will keep you updated with my zoom “adventures”.

PS. I might have missed the live tournament and the cash games during the weekend but I still managed to make a little profit out of it. I had a percentage on my friend on one of the side events. My friend finished 2nd (vwp!!) and this made up for what i have missed.

Gl at the tables

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