Another Interesting Story

Hello everyone,

I started witting a post yesterday but I was too tired to finish it.

Even though I finished the session in profit yesterday I was sooo unhappy of the way I played a hand. I opened JJ, get called from the BTN and sb squeezed. I decided to call, btn folds.
The guy cbets a 9high board and I kept saying to myself “i dont think he does that with 1010s, i am behind” and then I raise! He obv didn’t do that with 1010 and I end up losing a stack.

I need to find something to do when I am making these bad plays. I am thinking maybe 50sit-ups for every hand I play bad. xD

Play for fun


On my previous post I wrote about Flopzilla and Notecaddy. I was thinking which one would be better to buy.

I finally bought Flopzilla. I love it! I think it is really really useful. Even though I am only using it for a few days now, it has been proven to be a nice tool. I use for every hand I am reviewing and trying to adjust what I have learned in my play.

Past week, in terms of poker was okayish. Weekend was really good but the weekdays weren’t that great. Most of the hands were unlucky. I have doubled up all the short stacks with every possible hand.

AK vs KQ on an Ace high flop or AJ vs A10 aip. and the best of it was AK vs 106
I will play all day with this guy who shoves with 106 but losing in all of these spots is a little a bit annoying. I start getting a bit moody for losing all my all in/ flips and yesterday I was surprised when I won with AK vs QQ. I was like, how come??

The August just started and I already know I will not probably be able to put some volume online. I have to prepare some presentations for work and also next week I want to play a live tournament.

Have I said before that I don’t like tournaments? So, in between the sessions and my reviews I will also have to prepare my slides. Not stressed at all about that but it is time consuming.

For those of you from the UK, I ll be playing the Goliath in Coventry. I ll probably end up grind the cash games all the weekend, if the games are good. Last year I remember that the majority of the cash players (that don’t seem regs) were all tight and playing “scared money”. Hopefully, they will loosen up a bit this year.

I will definitely post updates from that, there would be some interesting hands for discussion.

Gl at the tables :)

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