One step at a time

Hello Guys,

After my last post where I said that I totally burned out, I think it’s time to do some evaluation on that.
What happened the past months was that I was adding things to my schedule without realising that you can’t do everything at once. I ended up being stressed, chasing vpps and thinking poker in times that i should be relaxing instead.

So what I did the past two weeks was to take a break. Or anyway, I feel that I took a two weeks break. I slowed down in playing online, I had a couple live poker sessions (which are way more relaxing and good confidence boost) and I didn’t have any poker coaching (because coaching means volume and homework).

Poker coaching

Beginning of the week, and of September I start grinding online again. I am not playing crazy long sessions but I play zoom and it is easier to play more hands. So far I am meeting my volume/ vpps targets and I am happy with it. I feel much better and in a clear state of mind too.
I went for shopping too, and that helped a lot.

A little a bit of bragging now.. The very first hand we reviewed on my coaching session, was a hand where I folded AAs because I got scared of a flush. I happened to have correct odds to call there and recently I found myself on a similar spot where I called and won the hand. I felt quite proud in terms of putting into practise what I have learned.

Today, I played an online “homegame” with my colleagues and I won the tournament!!It was more of a sng to be honest, but I prefer to call it a tournament, it feels like a bigger achievement. I am looking forward to go to work tomorrow and brag about it all day :)
My Sunday grind went well too. I had a solid session but I only played for two hours as I put a lot of my focus in winning that office tournament. ;) And also I had to write this blog post.

To sum up on my evaluation (and a note to self) is to take one thing at a time. It is good to have multiple things to keep us busy but not to overdo it. Small steps at a time.

I keep saying that I want to make a post regarding coaching but what I have written so far will make it a very long post. I will try to tidy it up and post it soon.

That’s all for now, I wanted to share with you that things got better in all the aspects.

Best of luck at the tables.

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